Advisory Body

The Advisory Body exists as a neutral space for members and non-members to share knowledge about currencies and monetary systems, mutual credit and community exchange systems. Community Exchange Systems need skills to operate properly. They also attract some people with a hobby-like interest in alternative money. This think tank is a place where these interests and needs meet, and thereby provide a resource not just for Brisbane LETS/CES, but any Community Exchange to call on for advice and information. It has no power in the organisational structure of any Exchange System or association. It compliments and augments the Australia CES Administration group which is responsible for maintaining the Australian community exchange website hosting and guiding local exchanges across the country.

For example, CES groups can consult the Body about the issuance of Units. It might also provide advice about such things as how to value their currency as well as advice on dollar banks that are member (ethical) banks, commercial and central banks. It can provide a consultative service to members and other organisations (which could be charged in Units or $s).
Anyone interested is welcome to use our library or any other resource to study up before joining. People with demonstrable knowledge of, qualifications in or experience with monetary systems steward the Body and apprentices are welcome. It has no power in the committee system. The members of the body can meet as often as they like, mainly as a study group but also as a social one, and meetings need not be formal.

Generally, the Advisory Body holds study groups every month. To find out more, come to the monthly Trading/Market Day at the Peace Hall or send an enquiry through our Contact Page. Also, check our calendar on the homepage.