By Paul Wildman

The results of this single-question survey, launched in July, are as follows. Thanks to the eight people who responded. Of these, some suggested additional functions as well as a primary function. They are shown thus, [in square brackets].

1. Alternative currency 3
2. Cashless trade 1
3. Trading/shopping in itself 0
4. Obtaining actual goods 1
5. [Supplementary income 1]
6. [Social network 1]
7. [Ethical considerations 1 (doesn’t lead to inequality)]


Even with the small number of responses, their breadth is obvious and it surprised me.

Clearly, this micro-survey does not reveal a central theme; indeed no one perspective stands out. There is a mild preference for Alternative Currency and a slight, possibly understandable, absence of preference for the “shopaholic/ shopping therapy” response, i.e. the trading/shopping response.

The incoming management team might like to take this diversity into consideration. To get this BrisLETS show on the road — and keep it travelling happily along this road — we need to recognise that LETS is many things to many people.

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