Wasn’t It Grand…We had fun. A lovely day. Maleny is quite a long way, of course. We had to be up early to set off and get there in time for 9am. Breakfast could have been skipped as it turned out. Topnotch cooked breakfasts were available from the kitchen for LETS units.Which units? Well, Bunyas (Maleny), Rays(Sunshine Coast), and Units (BrisLETS) were all acceptable. Great opportunity for people to work out how to accept payments from other LETS groups through Community Exchange.

Once we got past our envy of the great premises (Maleny seems to abound in community meeting places), it was just thoroughly enjoyable. People were SO friendly and welcoming. Most seemed to be enjoying the company and socializing happily. It was quite hard to find a seller at their table to tell us the prices, but we finally understood that mostly it was ‘Offer what you think it is worth. Maleny was a treasure trove of plants and treasures probably the overflow of local markets. Lots of books and charming clothes. Our finds will be well loved.

We were staying overnight in the region, courtesy of the helpful hosts who located somewhere for us to stay for LETS units. It turned out to be quite splendid. We filled in with a restaurant visit in Noosaville, a morning swimming in the Maroochy River finishing with fish and chips at Mooloolaba. It is enough to make you think of moving north, but more realistically to think that we must not leave it too long before returning. Photos got taken. Friends made. LETS is great.

Thank you Anne!

John and Anne enjoying the beach using LETS accommodation to have a mini vacation after attending the InterLETS Trading day.