Simon Cole, Chair

In my term as President, with significant support from many people, most notably Andrew Gaydon, I oversaw a number of initiatives intended to raise the number of goods and services available to BrisLETS members, and add value to their membership:

  • Created an organisational structure to delegate tasks, which saw a significant increase in members participating in running BrisLETS

  • Developed a Unit budget to reward Admin helpers, as requested by members at 2017 AGM

  • Improved and upgraded the website with help from CES Oz Blitz Team, Annette Loudon and Jean Werk, allowing newsletters to link to stories

  • Supplied more information to members via monthly (rather than quarterly) newsletters, thanks to Josephine Brown’s initiative and dedication and event updates via Mailchimp, which in turn gave feedback on the number of people who open and read them, thanks to Andrew Gaydon.

  • Oversaw the CES Oz Website Blitz Team’s overhaul of the website thanks to Annette Loudon and Jean Werk, allowing newsletters to link to stories, dedicated email addresses, a calendar and a much more informative site

  • Initiated review of BrisLETS’ constitution and terms and conditions, including a comparison of other exchanges’ T&Cs, to better maintain the membership list and database

  • Added a PayPal button for online payment of joining fee thanks to John Tennock, Treasurer

  • Developed a Drop-Off Point network thanks to Bianca Baptista, Paul Wildman, Lillian Geddes and others

  • Created a Members’ Map to facilitate local networking

  • Rearranged and clarified the Area Divisions with definitions and illustrative logo, thanks to Helen Bird

  • Established a relationship with the Albion Peace Hall as a regular Trading Day venue to save event organisers’ time; many meetings, workshops and demonstrations have been held here

  • Gave a number of promotional presentations to like-minded groups such as Substation33 and Northey Street staff and volunteers, developing collaborative relationships with them

  • Developed a collaborative relationship with FoodConnect in order to establish a regular southside Trading Day venue

  • Established a firm relationship with Northey Street City Farm leading to an information stall at their Sunday Markets, thanks to Rob Vidovic

  • Created a topic-specific library at the Albion Peace Hall

  • Arranged supply of two laptops to Admin for use at events, thanks to Holger Averdick and Andrew Gaydon

  • Initiated applications for grants for:

    • promotional material

    • event equipment

    • alterations to a shed at the Peace Hall for a shop, storage and Drop-Off Point

  • Established a Think Tank for those interested in a deeper understanding of mutual credit, thanks to Paul Wildman

Some of these — such as the rewards to members in a Unit Budget, the review of the constitution and T&Cs, the DoP network and relationships with the PH, NSCF and FC — have not yet been fully realised.

I hope that these are taken up in the future, as I believe that their effect will be very beneficial to the BrisLETs community.

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