At the General Meeting on Sunday, 17 March, members adopted the following amendments to the constitution by special resolution:

1.2 Constitution name:  BrisLETS Community Exchange

  1. Objects
    To promote and support …
  • the knowledge and culture of the association, and
  • the use and accessibility of the Community Exchange System

… to all segments of the community.

The following motions were adopted:

  • New Logo by Laurie Riddin (above)
  • Branding: “BrisLETS” & “Brisbane Community Exchange”

The minutes of the meeting are available online to all members on the CES homepage (after logging in).

They include an addendum: some resolutions, noted as adopted, were rejected because committee members were unaware of the 75%-majority requirement for special resolutions, at the time of the meeting.

These minutes will need to be corrected at a future General Meeting.

The optional preferential special resolutions and motions were re‑counted on 28 March to double-check results. The details are contained in the minutes.

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