What’s Your Story?
by Josephine Brown (NewsLETS Editor)
As the coordinator of our Storytelling and keen member of another storytelling group, I know that other people’s anecdotes about their lives can be simply fascinating. So I invite you to attend and entertain us with your story. Feel free to read it; you needn’t memorise it.
But, before you launch into your under-5-minute story, I would respectfully suggest that you be ready to brief us on the goods and services you offer, and any wants you may have, in 30 seconds. What was the topic? Never again!

August AGM and Trading Day
Next Trading Day is also when BrisLETS holds its AGM to elect a new committee. This will be from 11 am at the Peace Hall, 102 MacDonald Street, Windsor. Note: trading starts AFTER the AGM and lunch.
Please bring some delicious food to share for a pot-luck lunch at 12 noon.

Changing venues for Trading Days
The Peace Hall at Albion has many benefits, especially for BrisLETS members who live on the north side of the city. It also has a few drawbacks too, as anyone living south of the city will agree.
Because of this, outgoing Chair Simon Cole has established connections with the managers of several alternative venues, so that all BrisLETS members will take turns in having a meeting venue that’s more convenient to where they live. We hope that a future Trading Day will take place at the FoodConnect.
Shed, located at 1/8 Textile Crescent, Salisbury. It will be the usual shared pot-luck lunch at 12, followed by trading, a workshop and Storytelling.


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