Why we should be focusing on NEEDS instead of OFFERS!

What is it that you need?

This should be your first question when you join BrisLETS! 

If you can’t see it in the offers list, then put it on the wants list and in the fb group.  Is it an ongoing service like a massage, gardening, or housekeeping?  It could be an item or even a project that you are longing to get done.

I think that many people struggle to come up with an offer when they first join.  Instead they should be looking to see what others want.  We don’t actually realise that we can offer so much.  When you post a need it may prompt others to realise that they can offer it.

With an economic lens, demand usually drives supply.  When your needs are being met, you will be needing units (of currency) to fund it, unless of course your supplier will do it for free. 

This will drive you to seek opportunities to earn units in order to fulfill your needs.  It is a circle and that is how a mutual credit system should work.

So what is it that you actually NEED (want)?

Our next topic will be – A review of the DEBT/CREDIT limits