14/07/2019 @ 7:00 am – 12:00 pm
Northey Street City Farm Sunday Markets Corner of Northey and Victoria Streets Windsor
Northey Street City Farm Sunday Markets Corner of Northey and Victoria Streets Windsor
Queensland Australia

BrisLETS’ Sunday Market Information Stall at Northey Street City Farm

Volunteers are needed for the Northey Street City Farm Sunday Market Information Stall: The Markets Coordinator there, Simon Calcinai, says “It’ll be packed this weekend”. We have our equipment stored in the shed there (flyers, pull-up banner and computer), so setting up is very easy. This is a great location, venue and crowd for BrisLETS to spread the word. Members who live nearby; doing some shopping, socializing, having breakfast or lunch and putting in some time to do the Information Stall is a great way to spend Sunday morning. Willing to muck in with us? Comment below to add yourself to the roster. This is self-organising, as we currently have no Events Coordinator. Give a time and coordinate a roster via the comments below (give your BLCE# for contact information to protect your privacy).  First time to comment on this website? Can’t see your comment? That’s because it needs to be approved. Be patient – come back soon! And thank you!

NSCF has given us a great opportunity with a special deal because we’re a not-for-profit; a negligible charge for the space IN UNITS. This will change when it becomes a regular, weekly stall. How about making that come true!? NSCF Sunday Market customers are low-hanging fruit for LET/CES – there are lots of people there who understand it and just want to see it work for them well.  With more member-volunteers pitching in a little of your time, rotating set up and pack up each week, we can achieve an on-going presence there. We have a custom marquee-cover, flags, flyers and other marketing material in the pipeline. We may have WiFi there for Internet connection included. It rarely comes better than this for a LETS group.

People with some computer and smartphone skills will be a great help; showing customers how to use the software and joining them up online on the day. If you need training, think about joining a session Learning the Basics with Simon in the first week of every month at a convenient location – check this website calendar for the next session.

We have an URGENT need for an Event Coordinator. Please use the Contact page to get in touch and start straight away – it’s not a lot of work; only about 5 hours a month. The job description pdf is available under the Help tab in the Volunteers Opportunities Page.