09/02/2019 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
The Edge - State Library of Queensland
Stanley Place
Cultural Centre, Southbank
Brisbane City QLD 4101
Simon Cole BLCE4104

The Advisory Body

BrisLETS’ think-tank for mutual credit aficionados – currently including Paul Wildman, Simon Cole, Ishka McNulty and others will meet for the first time this year to discuss what the Body is about (please check the link above for a fuller explanation of it) and then choose from the following topics:

  • is there an infinite supply of Units, or must they balance out?
  • how is mutual credit different to cryptos and fiat debt-based money?
  • managing a CES/LETS exchange (Skype/Zoom with fnqces Bel Moore)
  • how is mutual credit valued and how do we make it valuable?

RSPV by commenting below or texting me (Simon)

The Body has no power in any CES or LETS exchange, so it is informal and there is no record-keeping in this group. It compliments the CES Australia Administration group (Annette Loudon, Bel Moore and Tania Brookes) which takes care of Australia’s national web hosting and international relations with overseas exchanges (Tim Jenkins and Matthew Slater). Paul video Skypes with Annette every month and feeds BrisLETS’ NewsLETS national and international new.