20/12/2018 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Meeting Room 2A State Library of Queensland
South Bank
West End
Simon Cole BLCE4104

BrisLETS Advisory Body

This is a think tank for members and potential members who are interested in deepening their knowledge of mutual credit and monetary systems and how to run an exchange in order to provide a resource of advice for community exchanges everywhere.

The study group will meet at 10am in Meeting Room 2A, State Library and also visit The Brisbane Tool Library or upstairs, finish at noon when some of us can go on to lunch somewhere nearby.

I’ve suggested we discuss the concept and role of the Advisory Body first, which shouldn’t take long (?).
Then we can choose a topic. Here are some ideas;
– is there an infinite supply of Units, or must they balance out? 
– how is mutual credit different to cryptos and fiat debt-based money 
– managing a CES/LETS exchange (Skype/Zoom with fnqces Bel Moore) 
– how is mutual credit valued and how do we make it valuable?
Personally, I’d prefer no formality or record-keeping in this group. I’d like to do it the Druid way, like a council of the ‘wise’ – all in our heads!