June Trading Day Review

Plants & Produce


BrisLETS trading days are picking up momentum it seems. The June event was busy and fast-paced with about 30 people joining in, and lots of trading and discussion. Our theme was Plants and Produce, and the hall was a picture of abundance.

Two very high quality short presentations had the audience leaning forward and taking notes. George demonstrated a simple effective way to start a vegetable garden, with specific practical hints for Brisbane conditions and easy shortcuts to avoid common pitfalls. Anne’s demo on how to start a worm farm was compelling because she generously shared easy instructions for a couple of tried and true methods from her own backyard.

What made these projects seem so doable was the personal experience and compatibility with local lifestyles.

Afterwards LETS admin discussions continued in the lounge preparing for the AGM next month.

In addition there were other fruitful meetings underway around the hall as members chatted, exchanged ideas and helped each other. Did you see Rachael’s new posters to advertise members’ services? If you weren’t able to attend the monthly event this time, sorry you missed out on the bountiful fruit, veg, flowers and honey, pot plants and cuttings, also tables of other fabulous items all selling with no money involved

by Alison Bird BLCE0022




May Trading Day Review

Books, books and more books


Another great trading day at the Albion Peace Hall .

It was a busy and crowded trading day on May 20th in the Peace Hall at Windsor. There were numerous different things happening and I lost count of how many people attending (at least 25). I’m sure another 600 units will have changed hands again for goods and services traded, worth at least $600. This is the trend for our monthly trading days this year.

Isabelle Derouet gave another cooking demonstration – Thai green papaya salad and black rice pudding. Yum! She now has a loyal following I think, and then there are other people who cannot resist the delicious aromas drawing us into the kitchen.

Josephine Brown ran a very stimulating workshop about how to start writing one’s memoir. She was assisted by Elizabeth Shaw, and the pair shared an amazing collection of original publications to display ideas for the variety of ways we might compile our stories. It was a very interesting hour with creative hints to inspire us.

Simon Cole (president) gave a presentation about his proposal for restructuring BrisLETS and this led to constructive discussion about fundraising, stipends for volunteers and other BrisLETS management issues. It was good to have this chance to ask questions, and inevitably there was also thoughtful sharing about community exchange principles such as trading limits and balanced trading.

The time flew and I only just managed to dash around the tables and browse the collections of secondhand books on offer. I also bought butternut pumpkins, sauerkraut, potplants and some other exciting goodies, all without spending any cash, of course. I love LETS trading days!

by Alison Bird BLCE0022

There were actually books, although it looks like they were camera shy.

Thanks to Roy Hanfling for being our photographer.

April 2018 Trading Day Review

Clothes swapping to the sounds of a ukulele


Twenty people or more attended the April Trading Day in the Albion Peace Centre on Sunday 15th. This time the theme was a Clothes Swap, and there were many secondhand garments on offer, but also trading was quite varied as usual. Clothing, plants, puzzles and many other items changed hands. Meanwhile Isabelle was busy in the kitchen again (a delicious stir-fry cooking demo – thank you!) and Josephine entertained us with beautiful ukulele music while Simon sang.

Simon also gave a short talk, announcing the work he has done to plot all our members on a map, and discussion followed. The map will make it easier than ever before for active traders to find other members who live close by, and it will facilitate more trades, carpooling and support.

BrisLETS meetings are very social with lots of chatting and catching up. Who else had a problem solved or found out useful information they needed? I know it wasn’t only me. At the event I was lent a “granny tracker”, or that’s what I’m going to call it. I had posted my rather unusual Want on CES and someone in the group came up with the goods as happens so often in this network of helpful and knowledgeable people. (Thank you Jo!)

For my Mum’s 90th birthday celebration on Cockatoo Island we thought a good party game might be for guests to track her movements which also will allow them to catch up with her, whether it be at the Biennale exhibition, snacking in the Heritage Houses or playing games by the foreshore. She doesn’t use a smart phone, so this gadget I have hired should be the solution. She will have a little device to carry in her pocket and we can locate her with our phones.

E stands for “Energy” in BrisLETS, Brisbane Local Energy Trading System, because it is a network of local people who support each other in many and diverse ways.


Alison Bird
Events Team (Assistant)



March Trading Day 2018




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More good trading was had at the Albion Peace Hall in Windsor today.

A big thanks to all of the regular traders trading. My turmeric drink was a hit (again) given the very WARM weather we are having for autumn.  Alison bought some Easter bunnies, bath bombs and soap along, courtesy Suzanne. Jeni was selling yummy home made banana/passion fruit and banana/raspberry/coconut cream ice cream (there is still some left). Thanks to Simon for his discussion on BrisLETS and the Blockchain. Isabelle was cooking up a storm in the kitchen (along with some helpers). Anne was designing patterns in her workshop and Della was making Easter bonnets for scary Easter bunnies (big ones and little ones).

Don’t miss the next one and make sure that you bring your TRAGIC fashion.

Andrew Gaydon  (BLCE1498)  Events Team




FEB Trading Day


We had a good turnout at the inaugural Community Trading Day at our spacious new venue, the Albion Peace Centre in McDonald Road, Windsor.

There was plenty of treasure to be had, ranging from the usual things that people bring along to trade to the exotic. Allie had some yummy gluten-free chocolate brownies that my son couldn’t resist stealing from the sample plate when nobody was looking. (I have eyes everywhere, my son.) Jessica had her homemade hanging planters, and of course there was Joe’s honey.

I myself was selling my surplus “gigantus passionfrutus”; I hope that you enjoy them, Alison, as you cleaned me out, taking them all. I still have the small ones, so next time I can turn them into more of my Turmeric Passion drink, perfect for the hot weather that we have been experiencing this summer.

A big thank-you to Isabelle Derouet and Simon Cole for their demonstrations of fermented foods and drinks. I’m not sure about your homemade sauerkraut, Simon; an acquired taste, I think.  I’d also like say a big thanks to my wife, Della, for entertaining the children in the Kids’ Zone with puzzles, games and drawing. Next time we will do something Easter-related.

It was a good start at our new venue, and it would be great if we can see more of you next month to make it a bigger and better success.
Even if you aren’t selling, come along for a chat.

You may just find the piece of treasure that you are looking for.

—Andrew Gaydon BLCE1498 (Events Team)

Jan 2018 Trading Day Review

What a great start to the new year!


What a surprising start to the new year. Our community market at Bulimba was a great success with the headcount at 30+, with a lot of new faces and lots of things to trade.

Goods on offer included honey, natural deodorant, dumpster food, water Kefir, computer parts and even some Monstera deliciosa plants (Google it).

We had an Astrologer, a De-clutterer and a Graphic Artist advertising their services.

Come along to the next community market at the Albion Peace Hall in February. We have lots of space for you to showcase your wares and services.

It is YOU who makes BrisLETS a success, so come along, trade, have a chat, join the new economy and belong to the community.


Andrew Gaydon
Events Team

PS.  Thanks to Alison Bird for the great photos.