The page is different from the groups – it is set up specifically to allow Facebook to bring BrisLETS to the attention of similar groups.

To do this, it needs activity on the page to promote BrisLETS – we urge all members to like, comment and share the page please, so Facebook notices and suggests Brislets to other similar groups.

Trading days and other events, blogs and articles will be posted on the page to educate and engage potential and current members.  Anyone wanting to submit articles, please email or message the page.

Members can join the private group, Brislets Members Forum, which is a space for members to ask questions and discuss issues.

Our BrisLETS Trading  РOffers and Wants Facebook group remains public to spotlight items. Please add those offers and wants to the Community Exchange System (CES) too, so it goes out monthly to members with the newsletter, and allows members not on Facebook etc to be up to date.

(Just a reminder) It is so frustrating if offers and wants are not up to date. Members can’t trade with you if you don’t have current offers (CES makes you inactive!) It is easy to go in monthly and check what you do want to offer or need and update the expiry date. Set up a reminder on your phone or calendar. If you can’t think of anything, just “a second pair of hands to help with jobs” will do. You can accept or decline trading.

Please share: