2014 National LETS Conference

Central Coast LETS would like to invite you to attend the LETS National Conference on the weekend of the 22nd – 24th August. It will be held at the Mangrove Yoga Ashram, 300 Mangrove Creek Rd, Mangrove Creek NSW 2250.

Our Conference Themes are Life & LETS Sustainability and Back To LETS Basics.

The full Conference Package includes Friday & Saturday night dinner & accommodation, breakfast on Saturday & Sunday, morning & afternoon teas, as well as the 2 day Conference activities. All meals are vegetarian. There are triple share rooms for delegates, as well as a Camp Site at the Ashram. There will be a mini bus to transport Delegates from Gosford Station to the Ashram & back at set times throughout the weekend. Day Attendance for local Delegates is also welcome and we hope to offer the option of Billeted Accommodation with local LETS Members. Included in the Conference Package are a relaxation Yoga Nidra session on Saturday & a Yoga Class early on Sunday morning before breakfast.

Please contact CCLets Secretary Leonie Hitchenor at secretary@centralcoastlets.org for information about the event, or if you feel there is something you can do to help make the Conference a success.

The Conference Information Brochure along with the two page Application Form has been included with this post as a pdf document. Please let Leonie know if you would prefer to have it sent as a word document or you would like to have a paper copy posted to you. It can also be downloaded from:

CCLETS look forward to seeing you in August.

2013 National LETS conference

2013 National CES / LETS Conference proudly hosted by CENTs – Community Exchange North West Tasmania. We invite you to browse the conference page of our website for further information and look forward to meeting you all. We welcome your Expressions of Interest for guest speakers/workshops/talks via the EOI Form. http://www.nwcents.org/2013-ceslets-conference.html

Setting up an Australian version of the Community Exchange System

In the next couple of weeks BrisLETS will be moving to the new Australian version of the CES. This was decided at the last committee meeting after emails back and forth between Annette Louden and the BrisLETS committee to clarify our understanding of the change.

Tim Jenkin (CES guru extraordinaire) has been working on an Australian version of the Community Exchange System – our online trading software.

Why is an Australian version of the Community Exchange System being set up?

The CES is growing fast
Up until now 409 trading groups have all been running from the same server. More and more groups sign up to use CES every year, so Tim decided it was time to set up a new sever. Australia has 85 groups signed up to the CES, so it made sense to start with us.

Sharing the knowledge & responsibility
At the moment all CES admin and maintenance falls on Tim. By training up an Australian CES team Tim will have some support, and the system will no longer be reliant on a single programmer. Tim will still be the head honcho, but the Australian team will be able to take care of the basics for Australian groups.

When we are transferred, our details will be taken off the global CES system. As the Australian groups migrate over, we will be able to trade with them again. Once all Australian groups are migrated over, Tim and Annette will work on restoring access to the global CES for Australian groups.

BrisLETS Online Survey Results now available

You’ve been waiting with baited breath for three or four months…

We now are happy and proud to present the full survey results of our first online survey.

BrisLETS News full survey results

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

Please be assured we are taking into account all the comments – positive and negative – and will work to improve BrisLETS News.

BrisLETS Management Committee