Meet candidate for President, Jessie Scott

Tell us who you are.

My name is Jessie Scott. I’m a single Gemini with one daughter, just became a grandmother, in flux with work, housing and an aging parent.

Tell us what position you wish to stand for.


What’s your particular vision for BrisLETS?

  • To create a caring, vibrant, democratic group, using visioning, to allow people of all abilities, in whatever season of life, to participate so everyone is valued and included.
  • To activate trading and cohesive participation, using relational conversation to address pressures respectfully, in a meaningful way.
  • To make socialising and having fun a priority, while facilitating trade.

What are your related skills and experience?

  • Tenant participation management-committee (MC) training, around the time the Model Rules came in, filling MC positions in local and regional groups, and Queensland Shelter.
  • During my stint as Booran Park Neighbourhood Centre President, we worked with local and state government departments, Bunnings and architecture students to consult local community and user groups about requirements for the new hall.
  • As President, I was the employer of the Community Capacity Building Project. Twenty-seven groups used the centre, and I was on eight management committees in various roles, all voluntary, during that time.
  • While I was newsletter editor for BrisLETS, I was also on its management committee.

What do you look forward to learning, if you take on this role?

  • How to help BrisLETS members to create a vision that allows all members to participate enthusiastically because they had a say in its values, mission, and they know
    • what is coming next,
    • what needs to be done,
    • what has been done,
    • how things are done.

This will let members slot in and out as they need to, according to their cycle of life.

  • To involve others in helping me in my role. As a disability carer, doing part- time/casual shift work, I can’t commit to always being there when needed, so I am asking for others to participate as they can, using communication and a respectful network.
  • To see BrisLETS gather the energy and strategy to attract other groups and businesses to fully utilise BrisLETS’ capability for vibrant outcomes.

Meet candidate for Secretary, Sallyanne Peters

Greetings to all members of BrisLets.

In my view, BrisLETS is a warm community that feels like a village in the city. It is my heartfelt wish for this to continue and grow in a positive, inclusive manner for all members. I also see it as a holistic and healthy model for the public. Of course there are groups of people who have created such networks independently, as many of you probably do by way of trading/gifting etc.

However, here at BrisLETS we can invite new contacts, friends and experiences from further afield: such as liaise with national and international entities of a similar format. We can make connections based not on greed, but on care ― of the people, by the people and for the people. (Pardon the quote!)

I’ve always had a barter mindset when it comes to services and trade, incorporating this concept through business and personally, from the nineties until today.

My first trade ― a dragon-fruit plant for 2 units at Northey Street Farm ― was groovy. It was there I decided to join. You can imagine my joy to find this platform for extending contacts and opportunities for obtaining organic food, goods and services.

I have been a member for almost three years now, and have put my hand up to serve the organisation as Secretary. If I’m voted in, I hope to assist and be a part of the positive growth of BrisLETS for current and future members to enjoy and thrive, and most importantly, find a sense of belonging.

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