Preliminary results are interesting.

A big thanks to all of the 24 people who responded, as a lot of time and effort was made to design this survey, your input is appreciated. It would have been nice to have more in-active traders respond, so it will be used in the Member Activation Drive.

In Summary, 80% of the people responded are active traders.  32% want better goods and services, 83% like the members map, 75% want more social events, 54% supported that time is equal, 88% said that they thought that volunteers should be rewarded with units.  13% didn’t want to make further contributions to an admin fund. Most people wanted to raise $ funds outside of the organisation. 44% of people would volunteer on an Ad-hoc basis. 18% said that they wouldn’t volunteer. 58% said that they would be more likely to help if they were rewarded with Units for their work.


–Andrew Gaydon.