Members attending this year’s AGM on Sunday 15th elected a new, smaller Management Committee of 3;  President Simon Cole, Secretary Jenifer Lewington and Treasurer John Tennock. They also approved Stage 1 of the Restructuring Proposal 2018 V2.2.

A Team Planning meeting will gather on Wednesday 18th at 10am at Ishka McNulty’s place in Coorpooroo and anyone interested in making BrisLETS bigger and better is very welcome to bring their talents along and find their dream job. The new website was officially launched; it is now the ‘go-to-place’ for everything BrisLETS. See President’s August WrapUp

A very enjoyable and healthy shared lunch was had on the grass in the warm sun – probably the first of many at Trading and Services Salon Days to come, starting at 12pm (note August is an exception because we missed the earlier booking time, so it starts at 2pm this month).

Simon called together a circle of folk interested in joining a team to help make BrisLETS bigger and better this year. In the sun, we arranged to meet the following Wednesday at 10am at Ishka McNulty’s home. We made a start on who wanted to do what. See Team Planning with Snow White

Josephine then called a Storytelling group together in the quiet of the Lounge Room, with more than 11 people talking for 5 mins about ‘A narrow escape’. We look forward this becoming a tradition at events so we get to know each other better and build ‘social capital’. See July Trading Day in review