Executive summary:

Trading Days:  Since February 2018 our Trading days have been held at the Albion Peace Hall, it is a great space for Talks/Workshops, the numbers of people attending have been steady at around 20 – 30.  Some people are of the opinion that it is not central enough we acknowledge this, however (IMO) until our numbers increase TDs at other locations would only dilute the numbers further. We have also introduced themes to our trading days to give them a focus.

Local Hubs:  Recently we held a Social day at one of the local hubs, we will be encouraging this around the regions to be held on the first weekend of the month, so as not to coincide with our trading day.  The aim of this is to encourage social networking in your local community, get to know your neighbors then trading will occur naturally.

External Promotion Events:  Recently promotion stalls were held at the Winter Solstice at Northley street and the St David’s neighborhood centre, as a result new members have joined.  We need to ‘Piggy back’ external events to promote ourselves to the wider community.     

Emails:  This year we introduced Mailchimp, it delivers the Events Update, the quarterly Newsletters and recently the NewsLET.  One of the advantages of using Mailchimp, is that we can monitor not only WHO clicks, but WHAT they click. We have currently 267 subscribers and an open rate that averages 25-35%.  While this seems low, at least it gives us something to work with (it can only get better). We have never had access to this sort of information in the past.


Andrew Gaydon.