March Trading Day 2018



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More good trading was had at the Albion Peace Hall in Windsor today.

A big thanks to all of the regular traders trading. My turmeric drink was a hit (again) given the very WARM weather we are having for autumn.  Alison bought some Easter bunnies, bath bombs and soap along, courtesy Suzanne. Jeni was selling yummy home made banana/passion fruit and banana/raspberry/coconut cream ice cream (there is still some left). Thanks to Simon for his discussion on BrisLETS and the Blockchain. Isabelle was cooking up a storm in the kitchen (along with some helpers). Anne was designing patterns in her workshop and Della was making Easter bonnets for scary Easter bunnies (big ones and little ones).

Don’t miss the next one and make sure that you bring your TRAGIC fashion.

Andrew Gaydon  (BLCE1498)  Events Team





FEB Trading Day


We had a good turnout at the inaugural Community Trading Day at our spacious new venue, the Albion Peace Centre in McDonald Road, Windsor.

There was plenty of treasure to be had, ranging from the usual things that people bring along to trade to the exotic. Allie had some yummy gluten-free chocolate brownies that my son couldn’t resist stealing from the sample plate when nobody was looking. (I have eyes everywhere, my son.) Jessica had her homemade hanging planters, and of course there was Joe’s honey.

I myself was selling my surplus “gigantus passionfrutus”; I hope that you enjoy them, Alison, as you cleaned me out, taking them all. I still have the small ones, so next time I can turn them into more of my Turmeric Passion drink, perfect for the hot weather that we have been experiencing this summer.

A big thank-you to Isabelle Derouet and Simon Cole for their demonstrations of fermented foods and drinks. I’m not sure about your homemade sauerkraut, Simon; an acquired taste, I think.  I’d also like say a big thanks to my wife, Della, for entertaining the children in the Kids’ Zone with puzzles, games and drawing. Next time we will do something Easter-related.

It was a good start at our new venue, and it would be great if we can see more of you next month to make it a bigger and better success.
Even if you aren’t selling, come along for a chat.

You may just find the piece of treasure that you are looking for.

—Andrew Gaydon BLCE1498 (Events Team)